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Equine Saddlefit

A saddle is only as good as it fits

Riding should not hurt. An ill fitted saddle can cause poor position, rider insecurity, and the inability to use effective aids. You and your horse should never experience pain or discomfort from your saddle. It is important to not only find a saddle that meets the needs of your horse, but also for you as the rider. Improperly fitted saddles can lead to many problems, and ultimately ruin the experience for both horse and rider.

As a saddle fitter, we have dedicated our time and education in helping people find the right saddle for their horse and themselves. Our goal is for you and your horse to feel good and enjoy riding together.

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Let the horse and the rider become one

When I sit on my horse, then I am free, free from all constraints, free from all thoughts, free from all obligations. There is only myself, the horse, and the movement, which is like a dance in which is characterized by grace, lightness and passion.

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