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3D Saddle Pressure Pad Analysis

3D Saddle Pressure Mat

Measuring your saddle fit with perfection

How it works

400 sensors for less pressure marks

A measuring pressure mat equipped with 400 sensors is placed on the horse’s back – under the saddle blanket and saddle – a signal is sent by radio to our PC, on which the pressure image is displayed on the screen by an evaluation program. This pressure image shows whether and in which phase of movement and at which points the saddle causes undesirable pressure peaks on the horse’s back.

The pressure image is evaluated directly, in all gaits, lessons or jumps. This means that even unrecognized pressure points that only become apparent during movement can be made visible here.

Take the chance now!

Visualize all movements and seating positions

The decisive advantage of this system is the fact that an objective pressure/pressure image with the influence of the rider’s weight in all movement maneuvers and gaits is directly and unequivocally visible. In addition, the influence of a too thin, too thick or too hard carpet pad on the fit of the saddle can be shown. The rider’s sitting position is also analyzed.

  • Is the rider sitting crooked? 
  • Does the rider bend at the hips?
  • Does the rider stuck during galloping the horse or while the flying change

Everything can be made visible with this measuring pressure mat and thus also help the rider and his trainer in the daily training and the elaboration of lessons etc.

What's included?

A unique Service in the U.S.
  • Measurement of the pressure distribution of the saddle on the horse’s back, while the horse is moving.
  • Objective, unbiased examination of the saddle fit
  • Comparison of several saddles with each other
  • Pressure distribution of the saddle under different riders
  • 3D representation of the complete interaction of horse, rider, saddle and saddle cloth
  • Analysis system to support the rider regarding seat position, influence of the horse’s gait on the rider’s seat and riding technique
  • Assistance for clarification in case of inconsistent gait of the horse under the saddle.
  • More success in riding!

Our offer

Get ready for better riding
  • Check of the fit of your saddle or several saddles incl. analysis protocol for your saddle manufacturer, physiotherapist, trainer or veterinarian
  • Direct fitting of your saddle (if possible and reasonable) by us on site taking into account the measurement results
  • Test fitting of your used saddles to find out which one fits best
  • Trial of our new saddles to make sure that the saddle fits you and your horse very well (free of charge for you if you buy a saddle)
  • More success in riding!
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