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Equine Saddlefit

As a trained, certified and independent horse and saddle ergonomist and certified saddle fitter, we support our customers with our many years of experience in Germany and Europe in all topics related to the saddle.

Our goal is to protect horses and riders from long-term damage caused by unsuitable saddles.
Our saddle fittings are made with respect to the anatomy and the principles of biomechanics of the horse. Only in this way can the saddle be correctly fitted to the particular characteristics of the horse.
However, it is just as important that the saddle also fits the rider. Only a rider who sits above the horse’s center of gravity, who can sit loosely and let go, is able to give the horse correct aids.

Our daily drive is to let horse and rider become one unit. The saddle is the most important link between the two and therefore requires special attention. As a rule, it is not the saddle that changes, but the horse in its three-dimensional saddle position. And unfortunately it is often an unsuitable saddle which is responsible for many problems.

As a saddle fitter / saddle ergonomist in Florida, we would be happy to help you find a suitable saddle. As a long time rider and horse owner I know exactly what is important to make horse and rider one unit.

It is very important for us to work holistically, this is the only way to achieve an optimal result, therefore we work closely with veterinarians, therapists, trainers and instructors, because only by working closely with different experts can we solve existing problems and avoid them in the future. We evaluate all saddle brands and riding styles and all breeds of horses.

Annual training on various topics, are very important to us.
we would like to offer our customers a first class service and excellent care with our work and knowledge.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours, Kerstin and Philip Guenther from Equine Saddlefit

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